Compliant mechanisms utilize the deformation of the elastic members to achieve the desired motion. Currently, design and analysis of compliant mechanisms rely on several commercial dynamics and finite element simulation tools. However, these tools do not implement the most recently developed theories in compliant mechanism research.

DAS 2D is a conceptual design tool which integrates the recently developed pseudo-rigid-body models, Beam-Constraint-Model, Linear Beam Model and kinetostatic analysis/synthesis theories for compliant mechanisms. Object oriented software features a kinematic solver for general rigid-body mechanisms, a kinetostatic solver for compliant mechanisms. This tool can be beneficial to classroom teaching as well as engineering practices in design of compliant mechanisms.

DAS 3D is a conceptual design tool for flexure mechanisms and will provide elastic static analysis and synthesis.

You can employ the main functions of design and analysis classes to write your own complex analysis and synthesis simulations. You can easily learn how to employ the classes in the examples section.

DAS Software has been employed in institutions spanning more than 36 countries.