Mechanism Design

Overview Module

Overview Module enables users to edit a module without switching to other modules. You can right click a node and:

  • Edit the dimensions
  • Delete the node

Right click a link to:

  • Edit the dimensions
  • Edit the joints
  • Convert to a linear spring
  • Convert to a flexible beam
  • Add a force or a moment
  • Delete the link

You can easily create a mechanism in just six steps:

Sketch Module

Sketch Module enables users to create the overall outline of the mechanism using the mouse.

  • Click an empty space to create a new node.
  • Click an existing node to use that node to add a new link.
  • Hit Esc to pause sketching and start from a new node later.
  • You can divide a link by adding a node on an existing link.

Dimension Module

You can set the exact dimensions of your mechanism by:

  • Setting the coordinates of a design node.
  • Setting the length of a node.
  • Setting the angle of a link from X or Y Axis.

You can also delete nodes and links using this module.

Model Module

  • Initially, all joints will be set as pin joints. You can select a link and specify different joint types.  If a joint combination is not valid, it will be shown in red color.
  • You can select two or more links (pressing Ctrl) and create rigidly connected links.

Add Springs

You can add linear springs and torsion springs to your mechanism.

  • You convert existing links to linear springs.
  • You can add linear springs between two nodes.
  • You need to select two links to add a torsion spring at their intersection. If you want to add a torsion spring to a ground node, you need to click an empty place in the design area

Add Force and Moments

You can forces and moments to your mechanism:

  • Select a link to add a force by specifying x and y magnitudes. You need to specify the application point, too.
  • Select a link to add a moment by specifying the magnitude. Application point is for drawing purposes.

Compliant Links

You need to select a link to convert it into a flexible link. You can select three different beam models:

  • Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model
    • You can select from predefined PRB models or create your own PRB model.
  • Beam-Constraint-Model
  • Linear Beam Model
    • You need to define number of segments for BCM and LBM. 4 segments provide accurate and fast analysis.